Minedorf v23.10 – The Changes

Explore the world outside

We one again added many place outside of Minedorf.

Improved Rail System

The railway network has been expanded and perfected once again.


Minedorf gets a new district as big as every other district combined: NoToronto!

Improved Highways

Minedorf’s highways are now even more realistic.

The new Minedorf mall

…is still under construction.

Improved streets

We improved the streets. All streets now have pavements and important streets now have wide pavements.

New buildings are filling the city

We built more buildings to fill the free places of the city. They are on different places and they are not the same shape or size.

This wasn’t everything!

Minedorf v23.10 features much more content and of course new buildings.

You can download it now on Planet Minecraft or on our Download Page!

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